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Dogwood Terrace will be closed on Saturday evening

October 1st for a Wedding Reception. We will be

open Saturday from 10am-2pm for breakfast and lunch. 

We will be back open and on our regular

schelude on Sunday 10am-2pm.


October Seafood Special


   September 30 & October 1:   Blackened Salmon 

October 7 & 8:   Shrimp Kabobs

October 14 & 15:  A Seafood Trio (Grilled Salmon, Crab Cake & Coconut Shrimp)

October 21 & 22: Tempura Scallops 

October 28 & 29:   Seafood Alfredo


Featured Beer and Wine List


Fall Sangria -$4.50

Knipser Pinot Noir-$6

Chateau De Beaujolais-$8

Famaey Malbec Rose-$7



Red Hare [variety]-$4

New Belgium Pumpkick-$4